Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve always worked with one foot in art and the other in media. I went to the University of Toronto with the amibiton of studying visual culture and completing a BA. Years later, I'm a PhD candidate working on animals and violence in contemporary art, set to defend in 2015. I've been an instructor at various institutions including the University of Toronto and Ontario College of Art and Design University, as well as a busy freelance writer and curator. I sat on the Board of Directors of Mercer Union Centre of Contemporary Art, where I was also President for my final year. There really wasn’t much sitting involved. My interests range from the political to the cultural to the arcane, and I'm what you might call a music nerd. 

In radio, I am currently Community Arts Reporter for Jazz FM 91, where I produce cultural content and deliver pieces on-air. In television, I've been an Associate Producer for the final two seasons of George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (where some of my highlights include producing interviews with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and Giancarlo Esposito, my teenaged idol Molly Ringwald, and the incredible Jane Goodall). I was also Researcher/Associate Producer for CBC’s Four Rooms and Casting Producer for all three seasons of CMT’s Pick a Puppy.